Python is a programming language used by software developers and scientists.

Python is a popular high-level programming language used by scientists, developers, and many others who want to work more quickly and integrate systems more effectively. The Python Software Foundation serves as an umbrella organization to a variety of Python-related projects, as well as sponsoring projects related to the development of the Python language.

This year, our sub-orgs are:

  • dipy (computational neuroanatomy, focusing mainly on diffusion magnetic resonance imaging (dMRI) analysis)
  • mercurial (source control)
  • mne-python (processing electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetoencephalography (MEG) data)
  • pysal (Python Spatial Analysis Library)
  • scipy (fundamental routines for scientific computing)
  • scrapinghub (information retrieval and manipulation)
  • securedrop (secure whistleblower submission system)
  • statmodels (data analysis, statistics and econometrics)
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Python Software Foundation 2018 Projects

  • Sushil Khanchi
    Add dry-run functionality to each write command
    In mercurial, there are some write commands which have a --dry-run flag that turns on a mode in which user will get to know what will be the result...
  • Abhijeet Panda
    Automatic Forecasting
    The aim of the project is to implement an automatic forecasting infrastructure for statsmodels similar to auto.arima()/ets() of the ‘ forecast’ ...
  • Parichit Sharma
    DIPY workflows and Quality Assurance
    DIPY is a highly versatile and widely used python package for analyzing diffusion MRI images. There are several modules for performing many common...
  • Karandeep Singh Juneja
    Extend Visualization - Focus in UI
    DIPY aims at building scifi-like 3D and 2D user interfaces. Dipy.viz provides many visualization capabilities. The goal of the project is to improve...
  • thechargedneutron
    Extended Visualization : Focus in GLSL
    The project aims at building stunning visualization tools using GLSL. Visualization of brain images and other datasets will be super fast using...
  • Xinquan Wu
    Implementing multi-thread capacities for nonrigid registration in DIPY using OpenMP
    DIPY is an open source software mainly focusing on diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging (dMRI) analysis. For nonrigid image registration, it...
  • Sangeet Kumar Mishra
    Improve Functionality of hg grep | PSF | Mercurial
    The current implementation of grep in mercurial is quite counter-intuitive and not what most people would expect it to do. For example one of the...
  • Oleh Kozynets
    Interactive 3D visualizations of human brain activity in the Jupyter Notebook using ipyvolume
    The aim of this project is to improve data visualization in MNE when working in the Jupyter Notebook. This will be achieved by implementing a package...
  • Tommy Clausner
    mne.set_volumeAverage(True) - preparing Group level analyses for volumetric data
    Neural source reconstruction of MEG/EEG data requires subject specific geometrical data (i.e. electrode locations and anatomical brain data). For...
  • Shreyas Fadnavis
    Model Fitting using Microstructure Imaging of Crossing (MIX): DIPY
    Diffusion MRI measures water diffusion in biological tissue, which can be used to probe its microstructure. The most common model for water diffusion...
  • Stefanie Lumnitz
    PySAL - Geovisualization Package
    The goal of this project is to design and implement a visualization module in PySAL, the splot package. This will meet the growing demand for a...
  • Aditya Bharti
    Scipy: Rotation formalism in 3 dimensions
    Provides a single clean interface to the different representations of 3D rotations (matrices, Euler angles, quaternions). Also supports many useful...
  • Viral Mehta
    Scrapinghub: Scrapy - Spider Auto Repair
    Spiders can become broken due to changes on the target site, which lead to different page layouts (therefore, broken XPath and CSS extractors). Often...
  • Chau Tung Lam Nguyen
    Scrapy performance improvement
    The project aims to define the bottleneck components of Scrapy that need improvement. These changes can speed up Scrapy’s performance.