Miniaturizing the Open Science Lab with Open Hardware and Open Source Software

The goal of PSLab is to miniaturize Open Science Lab with Open Hardware and Open Source Software. We create a lab for teachers, students and scientists. Our tiny pocket lab provides an array of sensors for doing science and engineering experiments. It provides functions of numerous measurement devices including an oscilloscope, a waveform generator, a frequency counter, a programmable voltage, current source and as a data logger. We are developing the experiments starting on the hardware to libraries and user interfaces for desktop PCs and Android apps for smartphones. The PSLab project is inspired by the work of the Open Science Hardware community

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  • android
  • java
  • firmware
  • c
  • cad


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Pocket Science Lab 2018 Projects

  • Madhushanka Padmal
    Pocket Science Lab - GSoC '18
    Pocket Science Lab by FOSSASIA is a electronic measurement and analytical tool. This helps students, teachers, undergraduates and hobbyists in...
  • Abhinav Raj
    Upgrading the PSLab Android Application
    PSLab (Pocket Science Lab) is an Open Source hardware device (open on all layers). The Android App for PSLab aims to run PSLab device in android...