the universal operating system

The Debian Project is an association of individuals who have made common cause to create a free operating system.

Debian GNU/Linux is:

  • Full featured: Users can select which packages to install; Debian provides a tool for this purpose. You can find a list and descriptions of the packages currently available in Debian at any of the Debian mirror sites.
  • Free to use and redistribute: There is no consortium membership or payment required to participate in its distribution and development. All packages that are formally part of Debian GNU/Linux are free to redistribute, usually under terms specified by the GNU General Public License.
  • The Debian FTP archives also carry approximately 696 software packages (in the non-free and contrib sections), which are distributable under specific terms included with each package.
  • Dynamic: With about 1033 volunteers constantly contributing new and improved code, Debian is evolving rapidly. The FTP archives are updated twice every day.

Although Debian GNU/Linux itself is free software, it is a base upon which value-added Linux distributions can be built. By providing a reliable, full-featured base system, Debian provides Linux users with increased compatibility, and allows creators to eliminate duplication of effort and focus on the things that make their distribution special.

A large part of the basic tools that fill out the operating system come from the GNU project; hence the names: GNU/Linux, GNU/kFreeBSD, and GNU/Hurd. These tools are also free.

Debian comes with over 51,000 packages, a package manager (APT), and other utilities that make it possible to manage thousands of packages on thousands of computers as easily as installing a single application. All of it free.

It's a bit like a tower. At the base is the kernel. On top of that are all the basic tools. Next is all the software that you run on the computer. At the top of the tower is Debian — carefully organizing and fitting everything so it all works together.

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  • ruby
  • java
  • python
  • c/c++


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Debian Project 2018 Projects

  • Doğukan ÇELİK
    A calendar database of social events and conferences
    This project aims to deliver open database for community which includes events across the world from many different sources.
  • darkLord
    Android SDK Tools in Debian
    The Debian Android Tools team is working towards the goal of having the entire Android toolchain and SDK in Debian. That means Android apps can be...
  • Athos Ribeiro
    Automatic builds with clang using OBS
    Debian package builds with clang are performed from time to time through massive rebuilds of the Debian archive on AWS. The results of these builds...
  • Alexandre Viau
    Automatic Packages for Everything
    Many packaging tasks can be automated, and are likely to succeed without any human intervention: creating a backport for Debian stable from a...
  • VishalGupta
    Click To Dial Popup Window for the Linux Desktop
    An application (invoked as a MIME handler) with a GUI that can place a phone call, display details about the country in which the phone number is...
  • Sanjay Prajapat
    Click To Dial Popup Window for the Linux Desktop
    Application pops up when a user clicks on a tel: link in an application such as Firefox, Chrome, Evolution. Pop-up window displays the phone number...
  • Birger Schacht
    Design and implementation of a Debian SSO solution
    The Debian project has an SSO solution that DDs (Debian Developers) and guests can authenticate against on different Debian websites. With the...
  • diveshuttam
    EasyGnuPG Improvements
    EasyGnuPG (aka EGPG) is a shell script that wraps GPG and tries to make it more accessible and easy to use. In order to simplify things, EGPG is...
  • Harshit Joshi
    Extracting data from PDF invoices and bills for financial accounting
    This project aims to develop a complete workflow for discovering bills (in a directory, mail folder or with a browser plugin to extract them from web...
  • Enkelena Haxhija
    Free Software Habits - Firefox extension
    Plugin (web-extension) to help avoid non-free sites that pop-up on Firefox by recommending free alternatives when non-free sites are recognized. Its...
  • Saif Abdul Cassim
    GSoC 2018 Android SDK tools in debian
    finish packaging all of the core development tools (lint, SDK Manager, android update project utility, etc.) update android-tools and relevant...
  • Arthur Del Esposte
    Improving Distro Tracker to better support Debian teams
    This project aims at designing and implementing new features in Distro Tracker [] to better support Debian teams to track...
  • Chikirou Massiwayne
    Kanban Board for Debian Bug Tracker and CalDAV servers
    A desktop GUI application that can obtain task lists from various sources (Debian Bug Tracker's iCalendar feed and Github iCalendar, CalDAV servers...
  • Georgios Pipilis
    OwnMailbox Improvements
    Improve current functionality of the OwnMailbox personal email server, implement support for a GPG Key Server and HSTS. Furthermore, thoroughly...
  • Shreyansh Khajanchi
    P2P Network Boot with BitTorrent
    In this project, we explore the solutions that allow P2P network booting of Linux based systems and then create an easy to use and distribution...
  • Chandramouli Rajagopalan
    Packaging and Updating Android SDK Tools
    Debian-derivatives are already a preferred platform for Android developers, and stretch already includes the core Android SDK tools, enough to build...
  • Jacob Adams
    PGP Clean Room Live CD
    Building a TUI application for the PGP Clean Room Live CD to walk a user through safely creating and storing a PGP key offline. Will also support...
  • SamuelHenrique samueloph
    Port Kali Packages to Debian
    This project consists of porting Kali Packages to Debian, it is a work that the pkg-security team handles on Debian but there’s still lots of things...
  • Sergio Alberti
    Reverse Engineering Radiator Bluetooth Thermovalves
    Radiator valves have become increasingly important in recent years, especially in some countries where they have been made mandatory by law. This led...
  • Elena Gjevukaj
    Wizard/GUI helping students/interns apply and get started
    Throughout the application process and first few weeks of programs like Google Summer of Code and Outreachy, applicants typically need to work...
  • Minkush Jain
    Wizard/GUI helping students/interns apply and get started
    This project aims at developing tools and packages which would simplify the process for new applicants in the open source community to get the...
  • realslimshanky
    Wizard/GUI helping students/interns apply and get started
    Wizard/GUI is an application which brings together all the Tools and Tutorials necessary for a person to learn and start contributing to Open Source....