Joomla, the flexible platform empowering website creators.

The Joomla Community manages two major software projects, the Joomla Content Management System and the Joomla Framework.

  • The Joomla! CMS is a PHP based application that powers about 3.2% of the web, 6.5% of all CMS based websites, as well as many intranets.
  • The Joomla Framework is a PHP application framework used for building web and command line applications, and is the basis of the Joomla CMS.

Each of these projects has hundreds of contributors, a set of working groups and teams, and a leadership group. These are coordinated by the Production Department. This is an umbrella application for the two projects.

The Joomla CMS and Joomla Framework are community driven FOSS projects developed and maintained by an international community encompassing over 200 countries. Joomla is used by millions of websites and web applications ranging from the hobbyist, professional web developer, to large enterprises, for both the World Wide Web and intranets.

The Joomla Project is a community effort which strives to engage contributors from diverse backgrounds and varying interests and skills in building and supporting great software together. The mission, vision and values of the Joomla Project reflect this.

The official sponsoring organisation is Open Source Matters (OSM), the not for profit organization that manages financial and legal issues for the Joomla Project. A team of experienced people drawn from many areas of the project will manage the 2018 GSoC project for Joomla.

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  • php
  • javascript
  • mysql
  • html5/css3
  • cms


  • Web
  • web
  • web development
  • web applications
  • cms
  • object-oriented
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Joomla! 2018 Projects

  • Anurag Kumar
    Improve Override Management
    This project adds the feature to Joomla which check for upgrades, if the template file is changed where an override exists, it notifies the user that...
  • Olatunbosun Egberinde
    Joomla! CLI Update
    The current state of things in Joomla! ensures that the major management of your Joomla! installation is done via the backend Administration. Which...
  • Geetanshu Mathur
    Media Manager - Adaptive Images
    The following major aspects are being covered in this project The project deals with the smart resizing and cropping of the image. Based on the...
  • Wang Yuchao
    Proposal for GSoC 2018
    Proposal for project II: Automatic Multi-language Associations. I've made a blueprint of a better workflow on building multilingual sites with Joomla...
  • Alexandra Ciobica
    Proposal for Project VI: Enhance Users
    The project asks for a com_users component that adheres to the current coding standards and that is extended with two views, one with the list of...
  • Samarth Sharma
    System Testing For Joomla 4 With Increased Coverage
    The Goal of the project is to increase coverage of System Tests for Joomla 4 using Codeception and Selenium, The project would be called success if...
  • Flavius Andrei Isac
    WebServices Project Proposal
    In the fast moving world of web development, providing developers with cutting edge and easy to use functionalities for their preferred CMS is...