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FOSSASIA develops Open Source software and hardware for conversational AIs, science and event management with a global developer community from its base in Asia. The organization also organizes Open Technology events, runs coding programs and the Codeheat development contest. The annual FOSSASIA Summit is the premier Open Technology event in Asia for developers, contributors, start-ups, and technology companies. FOSSASIA was founded in 2009.

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  • java
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  • python
  • android
  • artificial intelligence


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  • web development
  • artificial intelligence
  • personal assistants
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FOSSASIA 2018 Projects

  • Sanskar Jethi
    A Plug and Play adaptation for SUSI.AI
    To make a Smart Speaker using SUSI.AI as the virtual assistant based on open sourced hardware like Raspberry Pi. The aim is to make a working...
  • Saurabh Chaturvedi
    Adding and Improving System Features, Enhancing Organizer Ease-of-Use and Integrating with Social Media and Other Communication Tools
    This proposal aims to improve ease of app use for organizers and addition of more system features as well as solid integration with social media and...
  • Yash Ladha
    Badgeyay as a complete service
    Badgeyay This is an online utility to generate badges for events like conference, talks etc. This project is an extension project to Eventyay project...
  • Akshat Garg
    Build an analytics tool for SUSI.AI
    SUSI.AI CMS is the web client for SUSI.AI ( An intelligent open source personal assistant) which showcases the skills that SUSI.AI has to offer,...
  • Vaibhav Shrivastava
    Build upon Open Event Orga App, and make improvements to Open Event Android
    The Open Event project has SIX components: The Open Event Format Definition The Open Event Server The Open Event Generic Android App and It's...
  • Anup Kumar Panwar
    Building Analytical Tool for SUSI.AI
    · Analyzing user engagement. · Sentimental Analysis on chats. · Analyzing the correctness of SUSI replies (thumbs up / thumbs...
  • Parth Shandilya
    Develop Badgeyay into Complete Service
    The main goal of this year's GSoC was to develop Badgeyay into a complete Service with services ranging from simple to complex functionalities which...
  • Harshit Kedia
    Develop SUSI Web Bot Plugin and Private Skills
    SUSI web bot plugin allows users to deploy customised chatbots to their own websites. Users can create a private skill corresponding to a chatbot...
  • Manish Devgan
    Developing Badgeyey into a complete Macro Service
    Developing Badgeyay into a complete Macro Service with UI enhancement, Badge Management System, QR-Code feature and a lot more
  • Ritika Motwani
    Developing new features for the Open Event Frontend
    The New Frontend’s basic foundations have been laid in previous work during last summer of code and subsequent contributions thereafter, with CRUD...
  • Avjeet Singh
    Development Of Android App for PS LAB
    Pocket Science Lab is a tiny yet powerful tool that integrates the functionalities of most of the electronic equipment present in the lab. It can...
  • Praduman
    Enhance AAA system, implementing Admin panel, adding features to susi accounts, webclient and UI/UX of SUSI.AI
    Enhance the AAA(Authentication, Authorization, Accounting) system of SUSI.AI by enhancing and implementing Admin panel of SUSI where...
  • Praveen Ojha
    Enhance SUSPER Search with Improved Search Results, Search options,New Design & Internationalization Features.
    The idea of the project is to improve the current SUSPER Search by: 1.Improving Search Results by changing back-end to YaCy Grid. 2.Implementing more...
  • Akshat Jain
    Enhancement of Susi Web Client and Server
    This proposal is aimed to enhance the functionalities and overall server side of Susi.
  • Saurav Vishal
    Enhancement to FOSSASIA’s Phimpme Android Application. is an Android photo application that aims to replace proprietary image applications. It offers features such as taking photos, adding...
  • Jogendra Singh
    Enhancement to SUSI iOS Project
    This proposal aimed to enhance the SUSI iOS App by resolving bugs and adding new features to the app. This also aims to connect the iOS device to...
  • Priyanshu Khandelwal
    Enhancements To Open Event Orga Application
    Open Event Orga Application is a client-side application for Open Event API designed for Event Organizers. The app provides functionality to Create...
  • Harsimar Singh Parihar
    Enhancements to Open-Event-Android App
    Open Event Android is a generalized events application with it one can browse through different events happening nearby or anywhere in the world, get...
  • Arundhati Gupta
    Enhancements to SUSI.AI Android Client and Server
    SUSI.AI is an intelligent open source personal assistant. It offers various features to the users through the skills that it has. SUSI.AI Android app...
  • Divyanshu N Singh
    Enhancing the SUSI AI bots, server and creating a web bot plugin for SUSI AI
    The goal of this project is to enhance the currently present SUSI AI bots, create a chatbot of SUSI AI for Twitch and create a web bot plugin for...
  • Bhavesh Anand
    Improve automatic import of events with enhancement of event analytics and addition of machine learning capabilities for Big data services and search in Open Event Server
    Improve the feature of automatic import of events Implement a system for event analytics Implement machine learning capabilities for Big Data...
  • Pradeep Gangwar
    Improve Experience of Ticketing and Subtickets, Develop a Venue Custom Map and Enhance Organizer Features
    Implement ticketing system for meetups. Improving sub ticketing experience, i.e. once they get their conference/meetup tickets they can sign up for...
  • Harsh Patel
    Improve the Android Science App for PSLab
    The project is targeted to increase the UI of the PSLab app along with implementing all the major instruments in Android app available in the device...
  • Mayank Vaidya
    Improvements To FOSSASIA’s Open Event Server and Android
    The Open Event Project offers event managers a platform to organize all kinds of events including concerts, conferences, summits and regular meetups....
  • Ayush Gupta
    Integrate app as microservice and implement the interaction and sharing features
    The aim is to enable multiple web-apps generations by implementing queue data structure for the series of requests triggered by users from the...
  • Mohit
    Mohit Kumar - SUSI.AI Android
    Enhancing the SUSI.AI android client and Improve the CMS and Editor skills for SUSI.AI. SUSI currently has room for many improvements, many new...
  • Saurav Tiwary
    Open Event
    The Open Event Project offers event managers a platform to organize all kinds of events including concerts, conferences, summits and regular...
  • Sanyog Ghosh
    Open Event Android Project
    My Google Summer of code project was basically to create an android app which will show a general list of events created and published by the event...
  • Sridhar Jajoo
    The open-event-orga-app is an app for organizers with the help of which any Event Organizer out there can create events and manage them. The app has...
  • Saurabh Srivastava
    Show loklak search results as auto-refreshing media wall and add support for Twitter-Api
    Aim of this project is to use api/stream.json endpoint of loklak_server to continuously fetch new tweets and use them to show results as...
  • anshumanv
    SUSI Analytics
    Analytics tool to showcase conversational analytics/statistics using the data received from SUSI server. Deliverables - A PWA using ReactJS to...
  • Tarun
    The Meilix Road Block Project
    The Meilix road block projects deals with resolving all the major road blocks of the Meilix Linux custom distribution to put it into a productive...