GNU is an operating system that is free software

GNU is a Unix-like operating system. That means it is a collection of many programs: applications, libraries, developer tools, even games. The development of GNU, started in January 1984, is known as the GNU Project. Many of the programs in GNU are released under the auspices of the GNU Project; those we call GNU packages.

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GNU Project 2018 Projects

  • Diogo Cordeiro
    ActivityPub plugin for GNU Social
    The project idea aims at developing a plugin (as GNU Social is true to the Unix-philosophy of small programs to do a small job) that will implement...
  • Matthias Paulmier
    Automake : Modularize Automake to improve the test-suite performance
    This project aims to modularize the implementation of Automake to make it more easily extendable and to improve the test-suite performance.
  • Vishal Gupta
    Automake : Parse using an Abstract Syntax Tree
    The goal of the project is to generate an abstract syntax tree from parsing the input . It has separate lexer, parser and tree generation...
  • Charles Zhang
    CLISP - Integrate the SICL compiler into CLISP
    This project aims to incorporate components from Robert Strandh’s SICL compiler called Cleavir into CLISP. Adding Cleavir would open up the...
  • Tatiana Sholokhova
    GNU Guix (Cuirass): Adding a web interface similar to the Hydra web interface
    Cuirass is aimed to monitor a git repository containing Guix package definitions and build binaries from these package definitions. The state of...
  • Shivam Kohli
    GNU Taler - Payment/Donation Buttons and Code-less Payments with GNU Taler
    GNU Taler is a new electronic online payment system which provides privacy for customers and accountability for merchants. To pay with Taler,...
  • Phil Buschmann
    GNUnet Web-based User Interface
    Implementation of a Web-based UI for GNUnet similar to GNUnet-Gtk with a yet to be determined framework such as Angular2. This includes the design...
  • Stjepan Brkić
    Improve Core Animation implementation and integrate it into AppKit
    GNUstep is a console, desktop and web application development framework for development using Objective-C. It is based on OPENSTEP specification, and...
  • Jakob Löw
    libjit - register allocation
    At the moment register allocation in libjit is rather simplistic. The goal of this project is to implement proper data-flow analysis and register...