• Hongyuan Ma

    "Develop Performance Farm Database and Website" proposal for Google Summer of Code 2018
    Organization: PostgreSQL
    I plan to implement the PerfFarm project using a separate front-end and back-end development approach and use PostgreSQL as a database for storing...
  • Abhinav Saxena

    #15 - CONPOT: Protocols Wave #2
    Organization: The Honeynet Project
    Conpot is an ICS/SCADA honeypot that supports a number of industrial protocols and environments. For Conpot to emulate industrial devices better,...
  • Ulrich Fourier

    #9 - DRAKVUF: Support for Dynamic Malware Analysis on ARM
    Organization: The Honeynet Project
    The relevance of ARM processors is rising. Especially since ARM recently started targeting the servers and desktop market, thus going beyond the...
  • Xiangxiu Meng

    2.3 Monitor Sensors signal in 2D and 3D
    Organization: INCF
    The project is about refactoring the current dual brain activity visualiser's 2D plots and adding new visual components to its 3D part to display...
  • Megha Sharma

    [#1Lib1Ref] Build a "worklist" tool for campaigns and in-person editing events
    Organization: Wikimedia Foundation
    In this project, a tool will be developed that will basically enable people to collaborate during campaigns and in-person editing events. It'll act...
  • Yasas Gunarathne

    [AIRAVATA-2717] [GSoC] Resurrect User-Defined Airavata Workflows
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    Apache Airavata used to support user-defined workflows using the XBaya interface, to drag and drop application components to a workspace and define...
  • Sahil Khokhar

    [Analytics] Improvements to Wikistats 2.0 front-end
    Organization: Wikimedia Foundation
    Wikistats is the public statistics website of the Wikimedia Foundation. Its main purpose is to add context and motivate our editor community by...
  • Deshani Geethika

    [COMDEV-254] Allura - Personal Dashboard
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    A nice improvement to Allura project/code hosting would be a personal dashboard when a user is logged in. It would provide quick access to the...
  • mandlebro

    [Cutter] Implement Debugging and Emulation support
    Organization: radare
    The idea is to implement a debugging view in Cutter which allows to run/rerun the current binary with multiple r2 dbg/io plugins.
  • Tarek Talaat

    [digiKam] Project: Supporting Twitter and One Drive services in digikam export
    Organization: KDE Community
    digiKam supports images export to many services. This project aims to add Twitter and OneDrive to digiKam export services.
  • Fabian Löschner

    [fenics] Maximizing performance on modern architectures with data-level parallelism
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    In the solution process of problems discretized using FEM, the assembly of element level tensors to the global matrix often contributes a significant...
  • Perside Rosalie

    [GSoC proposal 2018] Emoji Twitter bot for Commons images from NYPL fork
    Organization: Wikimedia Foundation
    Wikimedia Commons is a Wikimedia Foundation project and an online repository of images videos and other media files. A Twitter bot is a type of bot...
  • Vinay C K

    [gsoc18-a-dd6] DirectDemod: Decoding of Automatic Picture Transmission (NOAA)
    Organization: AerospaceResearch.net
    One of the important functions of satellites is to provide us with weather data allowing us to properly plan and be prepared for adverse weather...
  • Guobao LI

    [SYSTEMML-2083] Language and runtime for parameter servers
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    The project aims to provide a compiler extension and runtime for a new "paramserv" built-in function. In the context of large-scale machine learning,...
  • Ujjwal Agrawal

    [Wikimedia Commons app] Allow users to browse Commons from app
    Organization: Wikimedia Foundation
    About the project This project is aimed at providing an option to browse/search the Wikimedia Commons using the app. Why this feature is needed? ...
  • Nikunj Gupta

    A C++ Runtime Replacement
    Organization: STE||AR Group
    Turn HPX into a replacement for the C++ runtime. Currently HPX needs to manually "lift" regular functions to HPX threads in order to have all the...
  • Doğukan ÇELİK

    A calendar database of social events and conferences
    Organization: Debian Project
    This project aims to deliver open database for community which includes events across the world from many different sources.
  • Réka Nikolett Kovács

    A checker for dangling string pointers in C++
    Organization: LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
    The C++ std::string class provides a c_str() method that returns a raw pointer to a string's inner character buffer. When a std::string is destroyed,...

    A fast and accurate command line suggestion feature
    Organization: GNU Octave
    To provide a rich experience to Octave users, the command line suggestion feature, aims to be a fast and accurate method to suggest corrections to...
  • Yiannis Simillides

    A FEniCS wrapper in Julia
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    We continue work done on a FEniCS wrapper in Julia. We further optimize it, and add more functionality, so users can access a richer API, and solve...
  • Gagandeep Bhatia

    A Library for In-Memory Data Analysis in Haskell
    Organization: Haskell.org
    A typical workflow in interactive data analysis consists of : Loading data (e.g. a CSV on disk) Transforming the data Various data processing stages...
  • Haoming Jiang

    A Major Update for HUGE and SAM
    Organization: R project for statistical computing
    With the recent progress in the theoretical field of sparse learning problems, current R packages are lagging behind the cutting edge research. We...
  • Pietro Vertechi

    A modern tool for data exploration based on JuliaDB and WebIO
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    We will combine the JuliaDB.jl package, for tabular data manipulations in Julia, with WebIO.jl and InteractNext.jl to build a user-friendly web-based...
  • Aman Mehta

    A Neural QA Model for DBpedia
    Organization: DBpedia
    Extending Neural SPARQL Machines (NSpM) to cover more DBpedia classes to enable high quality Question Answering
  • Chan Jun Shern

    A Platform for Algorithmic Composition on p5.js-sound
    Organization: The Processing Foundation
    p5.js, and Processing in general, have been revolutionary tools in the world of creative coding. For visual artists, there are few programmatic tools...
  • Sanskar Jethi

    A Plug and Play adaptation for SUSI.AI
    Organization: FOSSASIA
    To make a Smart Speaker using SUSI.AI as the virtual assistant based on open sourced hardware like Raspberry Pi. The aim is to make a working...
  • Anton Komissarov

    A PyNN interface to GeNN
    Organization: INCF
    PyNN is a project written in python that aims at interfacing a handful of neural network simulators. A unified high level interface means that a...
  • Gregory Brownson

    A Shiny User Interface to RobStatTM
    Organization: R project for statistical computing
    Project Summary The goal of this project is to develop a point-and-click graphical user interface (GUI) for the RobStatTM package. Both the UI and...
  • Davide Magrin

    A simulation execution manager for ns-3
    Organization: The ns-3 Network Simulator Project
    The envisioned solution consists in the creation of a python library that can start, manage and collect results from multiple simulation runs. In...
  • Michael Zhou

    A Swatches Docker for Krita
    Organization: KDE Community
    This project intends to create a swatches docker for Krita. It's similar to the palette docker that's already in Krita today, but it has the...
  • Kartikeya Sharma

    A way to associate listens with MBIDs
    Organization: MetaBrainz Foundation Inc.
    Currently Listenbrainz uses MSIDs (Messybrainz-ID) for retrieving useful user stats (e.g. user listens). Now ListenBrainz also plans to generate data...
  • Ashley Kelly

    Accessing SPH data and interpolating onto grids
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    yt is a package for analyzing and visualizing volumetric data. The current infrastructure of yt is designed to deal with adaptive mesh refinement...
  • Diogo Cordeiro

    ActivityPub plugin for GNU Social
    Organization: GNU Project
    The project idea aims at developing a plugin (as GNU Social is true to the Unix-philosophy of small programs to do a small job) that will implement...
  • Kevin Masson

    Adaptive image plane sampling proposal
    Organization: appleseedhq
    Current implementation of adaptive sampling needs to be overwriten so that it is more efficient, easier to use for any user and more robust regarding...
  • Tushar Mittal

    Add a License XML Editor to the Online Tools
    Organization: SPDX
    All the licenses of the SPDX License List are stored in the license-list-XML repository in XML format. So, creating or editing an XML license is a...
  • Yashdeep Thorat

    Add a spreadsheet interface for modifying multiple pages to the Page Forms extension
    Organization: Wikimedia Foundation
    The Page Forms extension for MediaWiki is currently used to create and edit pages using an interface made up of forms that simplify the process. The...
  • Huzaifa Iftikhar

    Add Continuous Scan and Thorough Product Addition using OCR in Native Android Application
    Organization: Open Food Facts
    This project aims to introduce a continuous scan feature in the Open Food Facts native android application. This will make the process of scanning...
  • Gabriel Gatu

    Add dialyzer task to Elixir
    Organization: Beam Community
    Dialyzer is a discrepancy analyzer that ships as part of the Erlang VM. There are two projects that adds Dialyzer support to Elixir applications:...
  • Yashashvi Dave

    Add different level of user authentications in streams
    Organization: Zulip
    Add different level of user authentications in streams, improve stream creation flow in UI and add new option to make creation of incoming webhook...
  • Sushil Khanchi

    Add dry-run functionality to each write command
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    In mercurial, there are some write commands which have a --dry-run flag that turns on a mode in which user will get to know what will be the result...
  • pronaip

    Add exec option to search
    Organization: BRL-CAD
    BRL-CAD's MGED search needs an -exec option - like the find command in UNIX - but that would mean low level library functions accessing the...
  • Akshay Anand

    Add Functionality for Skills
    Organization: Oppia Foundation
    This proposal aims to add a new Skills construct at a global level that would replace the existing refresher explorations method that is employed for...
  • Julian Sherollari

    Add GeoJSON interoperability to QtLocation
    Organization: The Qt Project
    The goal of this project is to make QtLocation interoperable with GeoJSON (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7946). This translates into adding support...
  • Fady Essam

    Add GPU computations to uBLAS
    Organization: Boost C++ Libraries
    UBlas is one of the most respectable linear algebra libraries but it still lacks doing the matrix computations on GPU. My proposal is to provide...
  • Yihang Wang

    Add meta-shell commands for reverse shell session
    Organization: Metasploit
    Shell sessions typically expose a direct connection to a remote shell, but are lacking a number of nice features such as the ability to stop a remote...
  • Qiu Chaofan

    Add multi-factor authentication to Rubygems.
    Organization: Ruby
    Currently gem command line tool and rubygems.org does not support any OTP authentication other than original email and password. This project tries...
  • Rohan Gupta

    Add Network File System (NFS) as a Rook storage backend
    Organization: Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)
    Rook is an open source orchestrator for distributed storage systems running in kubernetes, currently in alpha state and has focused initially on...
  • Galo Castillo

    Add New License Submittal Feature to Online Tools
    Organization: SPDX
    The aim of this project is to design and develop new features to an existing SPDX web application (https://github.com/spdx/spdx-online-tools), that...
  • Shlok Srivastava

    Add security vulnerability notifications in rubygems
    Organization: Ruby
    This proposes the feature to generate security vulnerability notifications by gem authors for a specific gem version which have security issues....
  • Dattatreya Mohapatra

    Add statistics and machine learning functions to Boost.uBLAS
    Organization: Boost C++ Libraries
    Boost.uBLAS employs numerous compile-time optimizations which improve the performance of matrix operations. However, there is no implementation of...
  • Alanas Plascinskas

    Add support for deprecating exports
    Organization: Haskell.org
    Add support of deprecation pragmas within module exports. This would ease the transition between different versions of the software by warning the...
  • Afonso Pinto

    Add support for Neurodata Without Borders 2.0 to Geppetto
    Organization: INCF
    The release of a new NWB version makes it necessary the reintegration of this format into the awesome open-source in-browser neuroscientific...
  • Shobhan Mandal

    Add Support for Python in LOEclipse Plugin
    Organization: LibreOffice
    Existing LOEclipse plugin allows users to develop extensions for LibreOffice using Java. This project will allow us to extend this support to include...
  • Hagar Shilo

    Adding 'User' search filters to the existing filter menu
    Organization: Wikimedia Foundation
    The User filter’s purpose is to display edits made by particular users. It will be added to the main filter panel. Desired features include the...
  • Saurav Chirania

    Adding a DSL to the UI testing and improving the generated log file
    Organization: LibreOffice
    The UI testing is one of the newest additions to LibreOffice's testing frameworks. The code consists of wrapper classes written in C++ and tests...
  • Sagar Gupta

    Adding and Improving Functionalities in Autowebcompat
    Organization: Mozilla
    Basic functionalities which will lead to the completion of the project will be added in this proposal. Adding desktop browsers with options of...
  • Saurabh Chaturvedi

    Adding and Improving System Features, Enhancing Organizer Ease-of-Use and Integrating with Social Media and Other Communication Tools
    Organization: FOSSASIA
    This proposal aims to improve ease of app use for organizers and addition of more system features as well as solid integration with social media and...
  • Valentin D.

    Adding End-To-End Encryption to matrix-python-sdk
    Organization: Matrix.org
    Goal This project aims at fully implementing end-to-end encryption in matrix-python-sdk, following the official implementation guide and making use...
  • Rosalie Wagner

    Adding Greek glyphs to the open source font Arima Madurai
    Organization: GFOSS - Open Technologies Alliance
    This project aims to extend the collection of fonts supporting Greek script in the Google Fonts Catalog. Indeed, today 35 typefaces supporting Greek...
  • Florian Fecher

    Adding Greek language support to the open source fonts of the typeface Cantarell
    Organization: GFOSS - Open Technologies Alliance
    Cantarell is a humanist sans serif typeface optimized for on-screen reading. It was originally developed by Dave Crossland in the MA Typeface Design...
  • synchon

    Adding methods to cobrapy for improved constraint-based metabolic modelling.
    Organization: Open Bioinformatics Foundation
    Constraint-Based Reconstruction and Analysis (COBRA) methods for Genome-wide Metabolic Networks (GEMs) have proven to be essential for the varied...
  • Harsha Sharma

    Adding missing features to nftables
    Organization: Netfilter project
    As of Linux kernel 4.15, nftables provides around 80% of the iptables feature-set . I'm interested in working on project “Help by implementing...
  • Raghavender Sahdev

    Adding more motion planning libraries to MoveIt
    Organization: Open Source Robotics Foundation
    MoveIt was designed to be highly plugin-based and originally supported 3 planning libraries. Today that number has shrunk to 1. There are many good...
  • Thomas Hervey

    Adding Notes to iD Editor
    Organization: OpenStreetMap
    Notes help users and editors understand what needs to be fixed. Adding notes to the iD editor allows editors to see descriptions of issues for an...
  • Samar Sunkaria

    Adding support for theming the Rocket.Chat app for iOS
    Organization: Rocket.Chat
    The Rocket.Chat team for iOS has been working on improving the UI, and is planning to come out with a major app re-design for version 2.3.0. One of...
  • Anish Bhobe

    Adding support for video decoder modules using GDNative.
    Organization: Godot Engine
    Godot has support for video playback through VideoPlayer API, which while useful, is constrained to using one of the two supported formats (Theora or...
  • nicholaslyang

    Adding Type Annotations to Ruby Syntax
    Organization: Ruby
    I would like to add type annotations to Ruby, per the ideas list. These annotations will serve as documentation and hopefully a way to implement...
  • Ioannis Daras

    Addition of Greek language to Spacy.io
    Organization: GFOSS - Open Technologies Alliance
    I propose the addition of Greek language in spacy.io and the implementation of an extra feature of sentiment analysis for the Greek language. On the...
  • Sai Harsh Tondomker

    Addition of SPQR-tree to graph module
    Organization: Sage Mathematical Software System
    In this project, our goal is to extend the graph theory library in Sage by implementing functionality to find triconnected subgraphs, which will...
  • Meghana M Reddy

    Addition of SPQR-trees to the graph module of Sage Math
    Organization: Sage Mathematical Software System
    The aim of the project is to code the linear time algorithm for partitioning a graph into 3-connected components and constructing the corresponding...
  • Marc Riera Irigoyen

    Adopting the unreleased Romanian-Catalan pair and upgrading other pairs to the monolingual module system
    Organization: Apertium
    Currently there are no machine translation systems offering direct translation between Romanian and Catalan available to the general public. English...
  • Anastasia Kuznetsova

    Adoption of Guarani - Spanish pair
    Organization: Apertium
    Guarani is one of the most widely spread indigenous languages of southern South America. It is spoken by 6 million people in Paraguay (where it is...
  • Prakriti Gupta

    Advance features in daru-view
    Organization: Ruby Science Foundation
    Daru-view aims to create interactive plots and tables in Ruby using various adapters available like GoogleCharts, HighCharts, Nyaplot and DataTables....
  • Abanda Ludovic

    Agora web API and Frontend project
    Organization: AOSSIE - Australian Open Source Software Innovation and Education
    Agora is a library of data structures and algorithms for counting votes in elections. Agora-web, is a website to conduct online elections. This...
  • Sharan Yalburgi

    Alternative computational engines for PyMC3
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    PyMC3 is based on Theano, and uses it for creating and computing the graph that comprises the probabilistic model. Given the discontinuation of...
  • gabriel laberge

    Alternative smart executors
    Organization: STE||AR Group
    HPX allows users to parallel their for-loops. The user can change values of chunk size and prefetching distance with existing execution policies....
  • Wenhao Huang

    Alternatives to Neighborhood-Based Collaborative Filtering
    Organization: mlpack
    The overall objective of this project is to improve the current CF module in mlpack to provide better rating prediciton, fast execution, and flexible...
  • Sanjit Chakrabarti

    Amahi Express Install Disc
    Organization: Amahi
    I propose to build an Amahi Express Install Disc, powered by Fedora Server. In that, the user can install our Amahi Server without interacting with...
  • Kanyinsola

    Amahi iOS App Improvements and new Features
    Organization: Amahi
    Amahi is a personal/home cloud-based server. Currently, you can stream, view and access the files in your Amahi server using your iOS & Android...
  • Yue Cao

    An Application for OpenHealth
    Organization: Stony Brook University Biomedical Informatics
    I want to contribute to Stony Brook University Biomedical Informatics by developing a webapp for OpenHealth. This involves implementing an online...
  • Aniket Singh

    Android and wear app
    Organization: Rocket.Chat
    The v2+ of the android app of Rocket Chat is already under progress and seems to work well so far. For the summer of code'18, I intend to extend...
  • arihant

    Android App Imrovements
    Organization: Amahi
    The Aim of the project is to add more functionality to the Android app. Following features can be implemented in the app: Sharing of folders...
  • Manav Jain

    Android Debugger for PDE
    Organization: The Processing Foundation
    This proposal aims to build a Java or JavaScript (Electron) based android debugger for PDE. The debugger architecture will follow Java Platform Debug...
  • Aksh Gautam

    Android Field Operations App Version 5
    Organization: The Mifos Initiative
    This project would extend the existing version and transform it into Version 5 - by extending offline synchronization, adding additional...
  • darkLord

    Android SDK Tools in Debian
    Organization: Debian Project
    The Debian Android Tools team is working towards the goal of having the entire Android toolchain and SDK in Debian. That means Android apps can be...
  • vivekktiwari

    Animint2 Designer Manual
    Organization: R project for statistical computing
    Animint2 is a re-write of Animint which is an R package for making interactive animated data visualization on the web using ggplot syntax and two new...
  • Ankita Khurana

    Ankita Khurana Proposal - The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT)
    Organization: Digital Impact Alliance
    The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) applies the principles of open source and open data sharing for humanitarian response and economic...
  • Sagar Tewari

    Annotate ASM library with signature checker
    Organization: Checker Framework
    This project consists of: Annotating ASM with signature string checker of checker framework. Find and report bugs if any found during the process. ...
  • Julio Caguano

    ANY23-295 Implement ability to use librdfa
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    This project will implement a new RDFa parser for Apache Any23 through a wrapper of the native C/C++ library Librdfa. The implementation aims to...
  • Tokio Kajitsuka

    AOM - accessibility API
    Organization: Mozilla
    AOM (Accessibility Object Model) is a JavaScript API that allows for modifying an accessibility tree like DOM. In this project, AOM phase 1 & 2 is...
  • Kai Jiang

    Apache Beam: TPC-H Benchmark on Beam SQL
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    Beam has a number of classic streaming SQL benchmarks known as "Nexmark" coded up in both raw Java and also Beam SQL. So far, expanding functionality...
  • Majdi Haouech

    Apache Taverna CWL support proposal
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    The Common Workflow Language (CWL) aims to standardize workflow languages to execute command line tools on the cloud and on local servers. Apache...
  • William Smith

    APDE Beta Push
    Organization: The Processing Foundation
    APDE (Android Processing Development Environment) is a fully-functional IDE for creating Processing sketches on Android devices, but it is in need of...
  • Sardana Ivanova

    Apertium translation pair for Kazakh and Sakha
    Organization: Apertium
    I would like to develop Apertium translation pair for Kazakh and Sakha languages. It would benefit society in whole by keeping diversity supporting...
  • Yago González

    API docs + multiple keys per user
    Organization: Zulip
    My proposal is focused on making certain improvements in Zulip that are considered prioritary, with the goal of providing high-value contributions in...
  • Abhik Pal

    API extensions and fixes for the p5 backend
    Organization: The Processing Foundation
    Last year, as a project under the Google Summer of Code, I created p5 --- a native Python implementation of the Processing API. The goal then was...
  • Sarthak Srivastava

    App Store for Cytoscape Apps
    Organization: National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB)
    The project is “Appstore for the CytoScape Apps” with Alex Pico, Barry Demchak and Scooter Morris as its mentor. The goals for the summer will be to...
  • Yimin Zhao

    Apply for the project of Ruby huge memory machine
    Organization: Ruby
    Currently, several problems are known when Ruby program runs under a high memory workload, including slow rates for allocating memory and program...
  • Liubomyr Piadyk

    Approximate Convex Decomposition of Volumes Bounded by Triangle Meshes
    Organization: CGAL Project
    The algorithm in this project was proposed by Khaled Mamou and Faouzi Ghorbel. It’s an efficient approach to decompose a concave 3D mesh into a set...
  • Ahmed Ismail

    Arabic Speech Recognition and Dialect Identification
    Organization: Red Hen Lab
    The project proposed aims to implement an Arabic speech recognition model using training data from the MGB-3 Arabic datasets to perform speech...
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