Fedora IoT effort is the latest of Fedora’s objectives. Its goal is to “create a Fedora Edition for Internet of Things, which will make Fedora the default for open source innovation on IoT hardware, middleware and backend platforms”. Many IoT devices have special requirements for operation and automation. Among these is the requirement to not break upon operating system upgrades. As part of Fedora IoT, Peter Robinson ideated the Atomic Host Upgrade Daemon, which builds on the Atomic Project and rpm-ostree, a project also labeled “Git for Operating Systems”. This monitoring daemon will re-use the work done for Atomic Updates for IoT system, allowing for automatic checking for available upgrades, applying them, rebooting, checking the system status and, in case of errors, rolling back the changes.



Christian Glombek


  • dustymabe
  • Jonathan Lebon
  • Peter Robinson