1. EvalAI Python Package.

Creating a python package for EvalAI which lets the participants to import evalai as a python package and then make submissions through their python script instead of logging in to the website and then doing it.

2. Submission Worker using SQS.

Currently, there are a lot of short-comings in the Submission worker like individual dependencies for Challenges which can be solved by switching to Amazon SQS.

3. Implementing RESTful web services.

Adding analytics, admin dashboard and API versioning to EvalAI.

4. Implement webhooks and data collection.

To retrieve the results of a challenge from some forked version of EvalAI to the main EvalAI server. Also, for adding integrations to external services using Slack, Gitter etc.



Adarsh Suraj


  • Deshraj
  • rishabhjain
  • Varun Agrawal