The Open Supporter Data Interface is a set of API standards which aims to define a common interface for interoperability between progressive and nonprofit organizations. Currently, there is no reliable CiviCRM extension that allows organizations to implement the OSDI API across the platform. This project will create an extension that allows organizations to easily import data from external endpoints which are compliant with the OSDI API.

Organizations would be able to supply an endpoint URL and an APIKEY through this extension when importing contacts, people, events, allowing them to quickly pass data between heterogeneous sources. Additionally, this project consists of an OSDI library that empowers developers to easily access OSDI-compliant datasource and read existing database data in OSDI-compliant JSON format.

CiviCRM has multiple import functions in extensions and core functions that allow users to import csvs of volunteers, people, events, contacts, etc. This project would also add options to import data through the provided extension.



Andy Gu


  • Joe McLaughlin
  • Jon G - Megaphone Tech
  • Jason Rosenbaum