The aim is to enable multiple web-apps generations by implementing queue data structure for the series of requests triggered by users from the open-event platform. This would prevent loss of requests from the user and enable the creation of event for every request and provide a web-service for direct generation of event sites from the orga-server(eventyay). In the present implementation, we have transformed websites generated through open-event-webapp to be Progressive Web App(PWA), due to which service workers are already enabled. Therefore we can now move to further enhancement like push-notifications of bookmarked events by any user, also we need to improve the user interface for the dark theme enabled recently to project. The present testing suite requires some more tests for the functionalities like direct linking of tracks and rooms so the aim is to write mocha unit tests with selenium webdriver for the recently added features and the proposed ones. The travis build for the selenium tests run for around 20 minutes, which is quite large so the aim is to parallelize the build so that multiple builds can be performed at the same time and runtime can be decreased significantly.



Ayush Gupta


  • Mario Behling
  • Dilpreet S.
  • Aayush Arora
  • Harshita Gupta