The micro:bit is a small computer for educational use that is also suitable for embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) projects. The micro:bit ecosystems offers various staggered ways of creating programs that run on the computer, including a javascript block editor, a python editor and a c/c++ runtime. This way it enables students and other users to gradually develop and enhance their knowledge about computing. The micro:bit consists of a single pcb which features many I/O capabilities including a 5x5 LED display, 2 buttons, Bluetooth and Nordic Gazell radio communications, an accelerometer, a compass, temperature and light sensing, UART, and GPIO pins for external devices, all connected to the ARM Cortex-M0 based Nordic nRF51822 at its center. Currently there are no means of running programs targeted to the microbit in a emulated environment. The goal of this project is to enhance QEMUs capabilities to being able to load and run code targeted to the micro:bit computer and emulating the aforementioned peripherals.



Steffen Görtz


  • Joel
  • Stefan Hajnoczi
  • Jim Mussared