Currently Open Library has over 1.75M Members who borrow millions of books every year. This Project looks to develop Open Library further by improving it with the addition of new options to the newly added feature of Public Reading Logs and creating a new UI for merging Workflows. Furthermore, adding more books to Open Library via ONIX and the Internet Archive Wishlist and creating a standard bot to import new book metadata records from 3rd party partners (like BetterWorldBooks APIs, Onix Feeds, MARCs). The Project proposes to document and establish a pipeline to help other librarians to add books much easily in the furture. The project also focuses on improving System Reliability by shifting from a Vagrant based system to Docker and Ansible.

Currently the Project focuses on three main categories:

  1. Ingestion - Using the Internet Archive Wishlist and ONIX Records to import new books into Open Library
  2. Devops - Using Docker and Ansible for better System Reliability
  3. Features - Adding Features to Open Library for Merging Works and Public Reading Log





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