The “Affiliates Connects” module provides an interface to easily integrate with affiliate APIs or product advertising APIs provided by different e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay etc to fetch data easily from their database and import them into Drupal to monetize your website by advertising their products.There are some functionalities this module is going to provide like : 1. It provides developers to leverage its functionalities by providing their own plugins e.g. affiliate_connect_example module to fetch data from example website. 2. It provides scraper as a fallback fetcher 3. An inline browser to choose products from different e-commerce sites and help them to embed the selected products to the field. 4. Handling Affiliate URLs by adding Affiliate-tracking Id to products URL. 5. Cloaking Affiliate URLs to hide the user’s Affiliate-Id. 6. Count and record the hits on the Cloak links. 7. Generate the report based on the count of cloak links. 8. Provide an option to open affiliate links in new tab or not.



Ankit Jain


  • Paritoshik Paul
  • lal_
  • shibasisp
  • Dibyajyoti Panda