Bassa is an automated download queue for enterprises use. If a software can download all your files in the background without keeping it open then it's all the best. Bassa can be used best if the Bassa will be a server where people can put the download in the queue and after some time your download is done. Bassa still doesn't provide an option to download the file from the server. This project will lead to making files downloadable from the Bassa server in a single click. In this project, I would like to

  1. Change the frontend with download feature
  2. Implement compression methods to reduce file size
  3. Develop and Implement unique URL algorithm and integrate it with front end
  4. Develop RESTful API for file downloading
  5. Write unit tests and component tests
  6. Make the build, document it and upload to Travis within GSoC time period. I have sound knowledge of Python, AngularJs Flask, RESTful APIs and databases which are the main technological requirement of the Bassa Project.




  • Padam Chopra
  • Ayantha Randika
  • Milindu Sanoj Kumarage