The idea of the project is to improve the current SUSPER Search by: 1.Improving Search Results by changing back-end to YaCy Grid. 2.Implementing more Search options like News Search,Documents Search,Maps,Improving Current Advanced Search,switching from DBpedia to Wikidata for information box. 3.Improving the current design of SUSPER by showing images related to query in information box by using Wikidata API,Improving current Image Search,Implementing Weather Section,Introducing Dynamic Themes 4.Implementing Internationalisation Feature in SUSPER using Angular Translate(ngx-translate). 5.Suggesting and Implementing Ideas and Goals for SUSPER like Accounting/Authentication,Entity Recognition,Safe Search and filtering contents,Implementing some secondary tabs like Meaning,Products etc



Praveen Ojha


  • Mario Behling
  • Nikhil Rayaprolu
  • Eden Dang
  • Pepe