Primero1 will be a free web app, designed basically for kids aged 4-7 to enhance their learning abilities in a fun, creative and natural way. This app will be a smaller version of Sugarizer. The app will be targeted towards Pre-k1 and Pre-k2 grade curriculum. The app will be focusing on kids who are non-readers and who are in the phase of developing their thinking, learning and collaborating abilities. The app will be made colorful so that it is fun & enjoyable for the kids. Sugarizer activities will include things like, learning about music, drawing shapes and learning basic mathematical concepts through games like Cuisenaire rods. Existing educational apps available online are too difficult for kids & the smallness of the icons of existing apps makes it difficult for the kids to play. Hence, our application can address these shortcomings. The goal of Primero1 is to allow kids to use Sugarizer as a powerful learning tool. We will ensure that the graphics used in the user interface are bright and of a suitable size, so that it can attract kids attention.





  • Samson Goddy
  • perriefidelis
  • Caryl Bigenho