Wikistats is the public statistics website of the Wikimedia Foundation. Its main purpose is to add context and motivate our editor community by providing a set of metrics through which users can see the impact of their contributions in the projects they are a part of. Wikistats 2.0 is a recently released website, developed by the WMF's Analytics team, that will replace Wikistats in the near future. Wikistats 2.0 is intended to:

  • Update the website's (Wikistats 2.0) interface.
  • Provide access to data in an analytics-friendly form.
  • Be easier to maintain and improve.

Wikistats 2.0 is currently in production but still in alpha stage. There are some improvements that need to be made in order to consider Wikistats 2.0 a full replacement of its predecessor (Wikistats). The objective of this GSoC project is to improve Wikistats 2.0 front-end, bringing it closer to a finalized product possibly Beta or RC 1.0.



Sahil Khokhar


  • Marcel Ruiz Forns