With Red Hen Lab’s Rapid Annotator we try to enable researchers worldwide to annotate large chunks of data in a very short period of time with least effort possible and try to get started with minimal training.

Rapid annotator is currently a proof-of-concept rather than a finished product. This project aims to deliver a usable product by the end of Google Code of Summer. The final product would be a complete tool for fast and simple classification of datasets and an administrative interface for the experimenters where they can conduct their annotation runs. It broadly comprises of 3 steps, namely

  • Uploading their datasets to setup the experiment.
  • Assigning annotators datasets for annotation.
  • Keeping a track of the annotation progress.

The main aim of the pre-project phase is to do requirements gathering, analysis and designing the complete system architecture. The project phase will deal with implementing the architecture finally decided upon



Vaibhav Gupta-1


  • Vera Tobin
  • Peter Uhrig
  • Peter Broadwell
  • Kai Chan