Ipptool is a program that allows sending IPP requests to a specific printer or server in order to test it or to receive printer information in the form of responses. It is used by CUPS to pass requests like get-printer-attributes, get-jobs, print-job to the printer.

Ipptool is also used by PWG’s IPP Everywhere self-certification program’s software, which is used by printer manufacturers to test if their printers satisfy IPP Everywhere standards. The IPP Everywhere Self-Certification program does not test the printers for some of the operations and attributes required by IPP Everywhere. This project involves writing scripts to cover these standards and new scripts for other IPP specifications. It also involves writing the program ippfuzz to fuzz-test printers.



Lakshay Bandlish


  • Smith @ PWG
  • mdannyb
  • Ira McDonald
  • Aveek Basu