Implement decentralised client-side recording mechanism in Jitsi Meet, where each device records and only records the audio of the participant on that device, directly using the stream from audio recording device. Afterwards, the recordings are merged offline to form a single track.

Potential use cases include:

  • Hosting a podcast by remote collaboration.
  • Remotely interviewing people over the internet, with the intention of using the recording in a radio / TV program afterwards.
  • Collecting stories and oral history. Something like StoryCorps DIY but without the need to meet physically.
  • Virtual choir, where multiple people sing the same song together but remotely. Audio quality is crucial here.

This feature will potentially extend Jitsi Meet's user base to a lot more of audio content creators.



Radium (Tianlei Zheng)


  • Leonard Kim
  • Boris Grozev