This project aims to extend the collection of fonts supporting Greek script in the Google Fonts Catalog. Indeed, today 35 typefaces supporting Greek script are available. Moreover, only 2 fonts are explicitly intended for display text.

Arima Madurai is a font created by Natanael Gana and Joana Correia of NDISCOVER. It is a multiscripts display font with 8 weights from thin to black and have a strong calligraphic influence. It has a lot of personality so it can be recognisable in headlines or brand names uses. Regarding the history of Greek script, it is both interesting and challenging to design a typeface with a calligraphic feel: in terms of design but also in terms of study.

Arima Madurai already supports Tamil, Malayalam and Latin scripts and I would like to add Greek extended script to the glyphset. The fact that the font already supports multi scripts is a real benefit to the project: Arima Madurai already acts in non latin typographic environment and therefore displays a large set of shapes that can be used to match the Greek glyphs with the other ones.


Rosalie Wagner


  • Alexios Zavras (zvr)
  • Emilios Theofanous
  • Irene Vlachou