Makie.jl is a new plotting library for Julia, providing an interface for GLVisualize, with emphasis on interactivity and speed. The current documentation is in need of a rewrite, to ensure that it is understandable and illustrative, and example code snippets and outputs need to be added to the documentation where necessary.

Additionally, there is a database containing example code snippets and example data that can be used to make plots with Makie. It is a working point of this project to programmatically integrate these code snippets including the Makie-generated output plots into the documentation pages. In addition, tests for the plotting need to be written to verify plotting functionality after coding changes.

Another goal of this project is to create more impressive and creative plotting examples for the examples gallery to showcase the power and flexibility of the Makie.jl library.



Anthony Wang


  • Mike Innes
  • Simon Danisch
  • Christopher Rackauckas