Documentation tools have become modern, lighter, easier to use with the use of Sphinx, Github pages/wiki, Mkdocs and many more similar frameworks and applications. It’s easily the first and the most important steps for any open-source projects implemented by almost everybody.

Hence, WikiPort would be a tool that helps in migrating documentation from wiki-pages in MediaWiki format to rich Markdown/reStructured text with attention to the transfer of all information and media accurately with least redundancies to have a more sustainable form of documentation that is easily available, accessible and editable to all users, developers and enthusiasts of Sugar and Sugar Activities. These converted pages can then be exported to any code sharing website or documentation tools like Github, Gitlab, Sphinx through git repositories or other VCS.

Setting up the new Activity Server (ASLOv3) and help in its deployment with by first finding and then adding/fixing of various files, solving redundancies in data present in Activity Repositories of Sugar Labs to present accurate information on the server front-end for a better UX to all the users and community.

Coded with love in Python





  • Carlos Mauro Cardenas
  • Abdul