Simulation plays an important role in robotics. Through simulation we can save valuable time and resources to test our algorithms. Often robotics require expensive sensors and hardware which is not accessible to everyone.

Currently RoboComp uses RoboComp Innermodel Simulator (RCIS), an inbuilt simulator, to check its applications and algorithms. It provides a lot of basic tools and features to easily test and verify an application developed by a developer. But it has some shortcomings.

To my understanding, the aim of this project is to provide a platform for the developers to quickly check the changes and validity of the application developed by them. To integrate the RoboComp framework and Gazebo simulator in such a way that it inherits the structure of RoboComp interface, uses the features provided by Gazebo to its fullest and is able to fulfill the needs of developer in the most efficient way.



Akash Kumar Singh


  • Marco A GutiĆ©rrez
  • Ramon Cintas