The existing query builder in InterMine requires some experience to obtain statistical data about the different mine categories, which can become overwhelming for new users. For instance, for a user interested on searching data in HumanMine using it’s query builder, he or she would need to browse through the different classes and attributes of the ontology, choosing between the available fields and adding different constraints over each of them in order to get the desired output. This requires the user to have a decent knowledge of the model schema in order to successfully build a correct query giving the expected query results. For new users, this workflow can become, indeed, overwhelming to search for specific information in the data.

For this reason, the goal of this project, is to implement a faceted search tool to display the data from the InterMine database, allowing the users to search easily within the different mines available around it. without the requirement of having an extensive knowledge of the data model.



Adrián Rodríguez Bazaga


  • Yo Yehudi
  • Rachel Lyne