The project proposed here aims to implement different classes of Image processing algorithms using Haskell and incorporate the same to the existing code base of Haskell Image Processing (HIP) package. The algorithms that I plan to incorporate in the HIP package have vast applications in actual problems in image processing. Including these algorithms to the existing code base would help more and more users to really use Haskell while working on some computer vision problems and this would make Haskell (kind of) ahead in the race of with functional programming languages such as Elm or Clojure (since their image processing libraries are pretty naive). In this way, this project can substantially benefit the Haskell organization as well as the open source community. Some of the algorithms proposed here include the famous Canny edge detection, Floyd - Steinberg (Dithering) along with other popular tools used in computer vision problems.



Khilan Ravani


  • Alp Mestanogullari