Astropy's regions package is being developed to handle description and manipulation of astronomical regions on sky and pixel coordinates.The current regions package has support for the most commonly used region specification, DS9, but does not yet support the CRTF and FITS REGION.

CASA is the main package for radio interferometry data reduction and processing. CASA regions are mostly compatible with and translatable to DS9 other formats, but the only parser that presently exists, lives within CASA. CRTF stands for Casa Region Text Format.

FITS , Flexible Image Transport System is an image format standard used in astronomy. A FITS Region binary table defines a spatial region of a 2-dimensional image. The region file is often used to define an area that is to be included or excluded from certain data processing operations on the image.

The primary goal of the project is to implement I/O so the regions.Region objects can serialize/deserialize across these file formats , handle the meta data and spectral dimensions , improve the regions package, document and test alongside.



Sushobhana Patra


  • Adam Ginsburg
  • Miguel de Val-Borro