In this project, my work will mainly focus on working as a full stack developer for Amahi. I will implement new API endpoints which can be consumed by the Amahi mobile applications. I will convert complete front-end to responsive design using bootstrap-4. There is also a need for proper documentation of Amahi backend APIs. Good documentation will serve as single point reference for all present developers and future contributors, which thus helps in expanding the Amahi community. Also, I will develop new plugins for Amahi 11 as per requirements.

This project can be mainly divided into 3 parts:-

Part 1: Making front-end responsive using Bootstrap-4 and Upgrading Rails app to version 5.2

Part 2: Developing new API endpoints and enhancing Amahi apps system.

Part 3: Developing new plugins for Amahi and providing support to existing plugins.



Sukhbir Singh


  • Rodney Runyon
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