Italian Team Digitale is building the first “operating system” of a country. One of the technologies that it has implemented is the Data & Analytics Framework (DAF) which consists in a huge stack (more than 6000!) of public datasets and tools to work with them. These datasets concern very important matters in organizing and providing good quality services to citizens in diverse fields such as public health, education, transportation, finance etc. Unfortunately the data are not directly informative, they need to be organized, explored and analyzed; they have to be transformed in usable information that the public administration can use to improve its inner working and provide a better operational infrastructure. In this paper I propose to carry on a series of data analysis in the form of “data stories”, a discussion about selected datasets and a description of the results obtained.



Costantino Carugno


  • Fabiana Lanotte
  • Gabriele Falasca
  • Fabio Fumarola