This project aims to introduce a continuous scan feature in the Open Food Facts native android application. This will make the process of scanning barcodes much more powerful and will be very much efficient in terms of time, even more than the current “Power Mode Scan”. Just hover over a barcode and the key information will be displayed, move onto other barcode and find it’s key information on the screen. No need to touch the screen when scanning different barcodes just hover over them one by one and see the results. This project also aims to add the complete information about the product during its addition including its nutritional facts, ingredients etc. Adding the ingredients will be made convenient using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) thus saving time. The overall UI of the scanning part will be revamped to give an immersive design.



Huzaifa Iftikhar


  • Stéphane Gigandet
  • Pierre Slamich