The species range maps project is motivated by the importance of information about species distribution for processes of conservation planning and the study of spatial patterns of biodiversity. In the face of multiple threats related to Global Change, protection and mitigation actions are crucial for maintaining the health of the planet, and knowing where species are located constitutes in primary information for starting these efforts. Currently, generation of species ranges maps may take several steps and the use of specialized software. Thanks to the recent development of specialized packages, R is rapidly becoming an excellent alternative for analyzing the spatial patterns of biodiversity. Taking advantage of these packages and the versatility of R, the aim of this project is offering handily and robust open source tools to obtain reliable proposals of species distribution ranges and to analyze their geographical patterns. A large community of students, researchers, and conservation managers will be benefited by this project since these tools will be freely available and will improve the way in which studies of species distributions are developed.


Marlon E. Cobos


  • Narayani Barve
  • Vijay Barve
  • Alberto JimĂ©nez Valverde