Learn Astropy is a website for the Astropy Learn ecosystem which consolidates Astropy documentation and associated examples, Astropy tutorials, and guides. The goal is to make the Astropy Learn ecosystem more organised, accessible and efficient by adding features like dynamic search that works across all of the Learn resources. Astropy aims to provide users packages that improve reuse, interoperability, and interface standards for python astronomy and astrophysics packages. Learn Astropy will help both amateurs as well as professional astronomers and astrophysicists in exploring and implementing the various utilities and functionalities provided by Astropy. It will also simplify the process for anyone who is learning to work with python astronomy/astrophysics packages or anyone developing astronomy software.

The project involved optimising the dynamic search, making custom Sphinx directives, indexing and tagging of Astropy Learn material. Work was also done on user interface design and user experience. I worked primarily with javascript and python, and used Sphinx for generating the HTML build files from Jupyter notebooks.



Manan Agarwal


  • Kelle Cruz
  • Adrian Price-Whelan