Robocomp current tutorials are simple and cover just the basics. Improved tutorials and use cases need to be created for Robocomp to be a framework friendly for beginners as well as more advanced users.

Working on creating examples of how Robocomp can be implemented, and why it should be used, would make it more accessible to the general public. As will improving the "How to Contribute Page", and making pull requests templates would make it easier to collaborate for more advance developers.

Getting Robocomp available in other operating systems it's necessary to making it more well-known, in other Linux distros as well as Windows. This can be done with virtual machines images or making tutorials to download it with their respective dependencies on each OS.

In summary, Robocomp would be benefited from offering a better user experience and a more seamlessly transition for collaborators to work on it.



Maria Bohórquez


  • Marco A Gutiérrez