My proposal is based on getting full support for JavaScript within the RoboComp framework. For this, the current state of generation of written components in the JavaScript language must be improved. Last year during the 2017 GSoC the functionality of the RoboComp component generator was extended to provide component supports based on NodeJS. A first approximation was achieved but still lacks robustness, reliability and should be extended to include more features. In addition, recently Zeroc ICE has added support for JavaScript interfaces, therefore the component generator must be extended to support this feature, both as a server and as a client. The component model of RoboComp must be able to generate components in this language with the same functionality as its counterparts in C ++ and Python, thus achieving complete support for JavaScript within RoboComp.



José Alberto Andújar


  • Nicolas Gonzalez Flores
  • Luis V. Calderita