This project is sort of a hybrid project and it consists of implementation of atleast two out of three IETF RFCs/Drafts. The three features in question are "Group Key Managment using IKEv2", "Redirection Mechanism for IKEv2" and "IKEv2 Session Resumption". The "Redirection Mechanism for IKEv2" will be implemented before the first evaluation period, and after that it will be dynamically decided (with the libreswan mentors) whether to continue with implementing "Group Key Managment using IKEv2" or "IKEv2 Session Resumption". The reasons for that approach are described in project proposal.

"Redirection Mechanism for IKEv2" and "IKEv2 Session Resumption" are features that will improve the performance of VPN servers, especially the ones that serve a lot of VPN clients. "Group Key Managment using IKEv2" will enable key exchanging for secure Multicast communication.



Vukašin Karadžić


  • Paul Wouters
  • Tuomo Soini