The end goal of this project is to make the entire Sugar Code compatible with both the major versions of Python.


The project is critical since libraries like GStreamer are drawing their support from Python 2 and support for Python 2 is also about to end.


The project involves the following milestones:

  • Port the static bindings of Telepathy to their PyGI counterpart
  • Port the automake files to install the toolkit for both Python 2 and Python 3
  • Port the C extensions of Python to be compatible with Python 3
  • Port the Sugar toolkit to make it Python 2 and Python 3 compatible
  • Port the Sugar OS and Activities to Python 3
  • Release the corresponding new versions and Debian and Fedora Packages
  • Rewrite the entire documentation



Rahul Bothra


  • Divyanshu Rawat
  • Utkarsh Tiwari
  • Walter Bender