Currently, there is a lack of machine learning tools and frameworks for Elixir. With the number of programmers learning/using machine learning only set to grow, supporting machine learning capabilities is essential for any programming language. Moreover, there are discussions on regarding this and recent talks given at ElixirConf that reflect the need for Elixir to provide machine learning capabilities. I thus propose to work on Tensorflex, an Elixir framework similar to Keras (for Python). Keras uses Tensorflow as a backend for doing all the ML. Using Native Implemented Functions (NIF) and the Tensorflow C API as a backend, a low-level wrapper will be written in Elixir. This low-level API will then be used to write a Keras-like framework in the form of a high-level API. This will allow Elixir developers to write expedient and efficient machine learning code in Elixir.



Anshuman Chhabra


  • José Valim