The aim of this proposal is to enhance user experience. The features which are integrated in this proposal are:-

1) Reply to comments by email - A feature (much alike github) where a user could reply on a Publiclab note on email. When there is a reply on an email (received to a user at time of publishing or a new comment) thread, a comment will automatically be generated on that particular note on .

2) Daily Digest emails - In this feature, digest emails would be rolled out to users customised according to their subscribed content. The digest emails would be contain the top few notes with tags subscribed by the user. This feature would require the support of asynchronous job support in the application.

3) A user interface to manage emails regarding subscribed content - This feature involves forms with various checkboxes to customize emails regarding comments, answers, digests, etc.



Vidit Chitkara


  • Amanda Snow
  • jywarren
  • Stevie Lewis