This is a project to implement new features, fix some existing issues and improve maintainability of the ReSpec project.

Majority of time is expected to be spent in implementing a cross references feature. It includes creating a web service that integrates with ReSpec and expands the existing reference system to allow references across specifications. This task will require some investigation first as to how we can leverage the CSSWG’s Shepherd API and its database. The web service may require creating a custom datastore that allows efficient search for multiple keywords. In the end, it'll provide an easy way to deep-link specifications to each other without much hassle.

Other smaller tasks that I plan to work upon include:

  • auto-normalizing references
  • implementing automatic linking of pluralized words

I would also like to work on some of the issues that might come up during the GSoC period.



Sudhanshu Vishnoi


  • Marcos Caceres