Enhancement to P2PSP simulator

  • Translating Unix socket to internet socket would make the testing a lot more easier. As P2PSP core implementation is in C++ which is quite fast, but making any changes can be quite challenging. Making a simulator would help us to visualize any changes made in algorithms and protocols. If we can replace Unix sockets with internet socket, then it will become quite easier to make changes in actual production code.
  • Use of pyqtgraph library as an alternative to matplotlib. Use of matplotlib for real-time plotting is such a mess. PyQtGraph could be a very good alternative for all the plotting purposes. As main motive of pyqtgraph library is to enhancing the speed for real-time plotting.

This project would be a milestone for other production projects. As it would make visualisation of ideas a lot easier.





  • josman
  • Cristóbal Medina-López