A large number of interacting bodies is the key component in explanation of many physical phenomena. From the gravitational interaction of stars and planets to molecular dynamics and electron gas in quantum mechanics, the N-body problem formalism plays an essential role in modeling those systems. The goal of this project is to create tools for conducting N-body simulations in a fast, accurate and reliable manner. Often the interaction of bodies can be described by means of differential equations (DEqs) so that the task of finding the state of the system at a particular time leads to solving those equations. The packages of JuliaDIffEq organization were developed exactly to supply efficient Julia implementations of solvers for various DEqs. The current project describes an extension of DiffEqPhysics.jl package, which will allow researchers to solve the N-body problems in different physical models and applications.



Mikhail Vaganov


  • dextorious
  • Mike Innes
  • Dpsanders
  • Christopher Rackauckas