PowerUp! has huge potential to impact the lives of many young ladies.

As an adult, it’s pretty easy to go through the game's choices and pick the “right” ones. But I think the target audience here is young girls who may not actually be sure what’s safe and acceptable. Rather than asking them to try the scenario and potentially end up with a bad outcome, I think it would be more helpful to them if there was narrative explanation as to why certain choices are good or bad.

So, I’d like to:

  • Design and add scalable framework for introductory sequences to scenarios
  • Design and add scalable framework for providing out-of-character contextual information
  • Write and implement introductory sequences for scenarios
  • Source and include contextual information (in a style and manner in line with the game aesthetic) for existing scenarios
  • Provide precedence and guidelines for adding similar contextual information to new scenarios/events





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