I would like to contribute by making a ready to use customized UI for the LibreOffice suite that achieves a familiar with MS Office 2013 environment as well as a set of extensions for legal documents and applications that automate the document creation procedure. This project will aid users familiar with the aforementioned proprietary office suite with their transition to LibreOffice. This is of maximum importance, as more and more public services choose Open source software for their needs. The project is mainly divided in the following parts:

  • Development of specific menu, UI customizations and extensions(add-ons) to achieve MS Office familiar interface without undermining LO functionality.
  • Creation of extensions to automate editing and creation of Greek legal documents as an alternative to template usage in services that do not follow a standardized document format, in order to introduce LO mechanisms as a tool for Greek Public Services.
  • Documentation of LO customization and extension development as well as development of deployment approaches for real case scenarios (testing on Specific Court Department (The Council of State) with multiple active workstations)


Christos Arvanitis


  • Kostas Papadimas
  • Theodoros Karounos