Conda-forge is a collection of recipes, build infrastructure, and distributions for the conda package manager that makes it easy for developers to make source packages installable via conda. Conda-forge keeps the conda recipes for its packages in separate GitHub repositories called feedstocks. Traditionally, when a package has been updated, it has been the job of the package maintainers to update the recipe in the feedstock with the proper metadata for the most recent version. Not all package maintainers remember to update the feedstock when releasing new versions, however, causing some packages on conda-forge to be out of date. Recently, the conda-forge autotick bot was developed to automatically track out of date feedstocks and open pull requests to bump them to the newest version of the source code. The bot is a work in progress and still in its early stages. This summer I will implement a series of fixes and enhancements to the bot.



Justin Calamari


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