I plan to implement the PerfFarm project using a separate front-end and back-end development approach and use PostgreSQL as a database for storing test results.The front-end project will be built using React16. Bootstrap will be used as the ui library and Yarn will be the package manager.

The backend project will import Django Rest Framework on top of existing Django. And the Django version will be upgraded to the latest TLS version, which is now 1.11. There will be no html file in the backend project. Front-end and back-end applications will use restful apis to exchange data.

In addition, the backend project will have an admin module. Only administrators of the PG Performance Farm project can log in to the admin module. In the admin module, the administrator has the ability to modify the machine's submission rights, send registration confirmation emails, and so on.



Hongyuan Ma


  • Mark Wong
  • Stephen Frost