Think back to the first website you built. Most developers start by creating a series of pages contained within individual HTML files. Each will call in assets such as images, CSS and perhaps a sprinkling of JavaScript. You possibly launched these files directly from the file system without a web server. Life was simple.

Difficulties arise as your site becomes larger and more complex. Consider navigation: it may be similar in every file, but adding a new page requires updates to every other. Even references to CSS and images can become awkward as folder structures evolve.

Consider collaborations: coordinating continuous integration from multiple sources or departments, needing the liberty to independently modify their portion of a site.

I propose the use of HUGO – a Static Site Generator. [4] An SSG is a compromise between using a hand-coded static site and a full CMS, while retaining the benefits of both. In essence, you generate a static HTML-only website using CMS-like concepts such as templates. The content can them be extracted from Markdown files.





  • Gopi