WSO2 Identity and Access Management Server is open source popular identity and access management server throughout the world plus WSO2 Identity Server efficiently undertakes the complex task of identity management across enterprise applications, services, and APIs. For this project IS version 5.4 is used. Currently, WSO2 identity server is consisting of SOAP services and in near future, there will be REST API's which support for all functionalities and which is more effective. In current environment most It support for different user stores like LDAP, JDBC, and MySQL as primary and secondary user stores. with the having facility of creating a new user store the primary data which are saving to primary user store can be separated to different user stores as one for user details and other one is for user attribute (claims) details which can be accessed by providing user credentials and secrete.


Isuri Anuradha


  • Panagiotis Kranidiotis