PowerUp is a project specially designed to impart knowledge to pre-adolescents about reproductive health, personal hygiene, STDs and common hormonal changes that they undergo. It aims to increase knowledge among the users through simple scenarios and mini games. As illustrated in the project ideas, I propose to include new scenarios and minigames to make the app more involving and interesting. In the way to include new scenarios, the avatar would migrate to high-school, the next level of the game. The removed feature from the first version of PowerUp, current emotion and and powers, would be re-included with proper functionality. The new design elements, developed as a part of Outreachy, would be included to main UI with the intended functionalities.The main avatar in the app would be given an ability to hold multiple accessories at the same time. All the inclusions and enhancements would be done following Test Driven Development, with inclusion of proper unit tests to cover all the major functionalities.



Rimjhim Bhadani


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