While analyzing already available Open Source Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems (WIDS), we realized that there is no full-featured solution yet. We expect a WIDS to fulfill the following needs

  • detect most of the known Wi-Fi attacks,
  • scale easily and thus be able to work within big organizations and
  • be easily expandable.

It is the objective of the 'Easily Expandable Wireless Intrusion Detection System' (Eewids) to provide an environment which ensures the scalability and the expandability. The actual detection methods shall get added one after another later on. To achieve this a microservice approach is used. Different tasks at stake are done by different services instead of creating a monolithic software. Adding a new detection method, does not involve thinking about the actual capturing of data or storing and parsing the data. Even the presentation of the detection results is already provided by Eewids. This shall make the creation of a full-featured solution much more easier in future.



Alexander Paetzelt


  • Julius Schulz-Zander
  • Thomas Hühn